Many of the sicknesses, mental struggles and simple stress we suffer through are not fully understood, and often resist the entire range of mainstream treatments. As more and more people look to alternative forms of medicine, the Eastern treatment known as Reiki stands set apart as one of the most, widely-accepted, versatile, and highly successful holistic forms of treatment for any and all ailments, physical, mental and motional.

Any kind of stress, whether emotional, physical, work or school related, disrupts the essential energy that flows through everyone. Reiki restores, rejuvenates, and transfers new energy into the exact areas of the body that have been disrupted. Healing this disrupted energy can heal anything and everything that can go wrong in the body. Reiki sessions will leave you feeling better in a way previously unimagined.

What Is Reiki And How Does It Work?
Reiki is a Japanese form of spiritual medicine, and a well-known and widely-respected form of alternative medicine, in practice around the world for nearly a century. Based around highly spiritual ancient Eastern forms of medicine, the principles of Reiki were refined and developed by Mikao Usui in 1922. It can, by nature, be difficult to study, but the healing properties of Reiki cannot be denied, and it has gained mainstream acceptance. It has been used in nearly one hundred hospitals, medical clinics, and hospice programs.

It has even been integrated into the practice of massage therapists, who see the impressive ability of Reiki to relax and relieve stress. Eastern beliefs are stong in the idea of an energy that supports the body and its healing processes, and this practice was developed on the foundation of these principles. The word Reiki is a combination of Rei, the Japanese word to refer to the divinity in the universe, and Ki, which refers to a person’s life force energy. Reiki is the living energy that flows through every human. That energy must flow freely for a person to be healthy and happy.

We lose this energy because of the harmful effects of mental agitation that can come from all areas of life. If that energy is blocked or weak, emotional, mental, and physical imbalances or maladies will result. Reiki healing uses the power of the human hands in order to channel, transfer, and rejuvenate this life energy, thus activating the body’s natural but often dormant abilities to heal itself. Light touch, or even no touch, with hands closely hovering, seek areas of need and focus and direct energy there. A strong Reiki session is intensely relaxing, and can range from easing stress and tension in the body and mind, to facilitating the healing of mind, body and soul.

Your Reiki MasterReiki masters receive their training by having their knowledge and healing abilities passed on from other masters. The ability to practice Reiki is not so much taught as it is awakened and honed. Here, you will be in the hands of an experienced Reiki master who has worked to become supremely in touch with the human energy, something only accomplished through years of refinement and practice. What Ailments Can Reiki Be Used To Treat?Testimonials from patients around the world display the stunning and vastly diverse abilities of Reiki healing. Patients tell of everything cancers to abscesses in teeth disappearing after Reiki sessions. One medical doctor reports successfully using Reiki healing to treat an ovarian cyst in a woman who was deathly scared to have surgery.

The healing properties of Reiki are not limited to physical, visible ailments like these, however. Reiki has been an incredibly effective treatment for some of the most difficult to treat psychological ailments, from depression and anxiety to plain fatigue. Many people use Reiki without any of these serious illnesses. Sessions can bring an otherwise healthy patient into an even higher state of health, opening areas of the mind and jump-starting processes in the body that will leave anyone feeling better than when they came in The full and encompassing healing effects of Reiki can be realized when you call immediately and schedule your first session. Delaying will only allow your energy to further weaken.

What Should I Expect In a Reiki Session?

Part of the unique nature of Reiki is that there is no set time or any precise script for a Reiki session, although most sessions are between an hour and 90 minutes. Although a calm setting is preferred, Reiki can be administered anywhere, regardless of the level of calm of the environment or surroundings. The touch of Reiki itself will deliver calmness to the patient, no matter the setting. The session will be preceded by a brief discussion. The Reiki healer will describe the session, give the patient an opportunity to express any problems, concerns, or health conditions that may be relevant to the session. The healer and patient will then discuss what the patient hopes to achieve with the session. Our space is designed to enhance the healing properties of Reiki by preserving calmness and eliminating distractions.

Clothing is not removed as it commonly is with a massage, but the patient will normally lie down. The healer passes hands over the body of the patient, searching for unusual heat or coldness, attracting or repelling energy, and other sensations that draw the hands towards areas that need energy. The touch delivered is light and comforting. The transferring of energy is never invasive. The experience is uniquely mindful, often getting more encompassing with each session. Patients often describe a surreal state of hovering on the edge of consciousness, somewhere between an awareness of the surroundings and a deeply inward-looking state of being.

Others fall into a deep, meditative state that seems like sleep yet very different. Some even report out of body experiences. The one common bond between the experiences of all patients is the intense feeling of relaxation and tranquility, the feeling of a renewed energy. Call now, via phone or WhatsApp, to book your first Reiki healing session and begin the journey together to bring you wholeness and peace! The healing and changes that can be realized through Reiki will change your life!